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AMCAT Quantitative Ability Previous Question Papers with solutions-1

AMCAT Quantitative Ability Previous Papers-1

1) The probability of getting at least one tail in 5 throws of a coin is?
a)1/32                                   b)31/32                                                c)1/5                                      d)None of the above
Ans.  a coin throws 5 times is equal to the 5 coins throws  at one time.
So total no of choices are 25=32
Chances that not getting at least one tails is 1 i.e., (h,h,h,h,h)

So 1-(1/32)=31/32…option (b) is correct.

2) When a local train travels at a speed of 60kmph, it reaches the destination on time. When the same train travels at speed of 50kmph, it reaches its destination 15 minutes late. What is the length of journey?
a)75km                                 b)50km                                 c)60km                                 d)85km
Ans. let the time taken by a train to reach destination at 60kmph is x. Then it takes (x+15) at 50kmph.
So distance, 60x=50(x+15)

X=75…option (a) is correct.

3)Give the greatest pair of twin primes which are below 100?
a)71,73                                 b)93,95                                 c)97,99                                  d)87,89
Ans.  in the given options only 71 and 73 are primes.

So option (A) is correct.

4) In an examination involving quantitative aptitude and logical reasoning, 65% examinees cleared quantitative aptitude test while 70% cleared logical reasoning test. If 50% examinees passed both the tests, then how many failed in both tests?
a)35%                                    b)15%                                   c)30%                                    d)20%
Ans.  no of students who passed in at least one subject:
If total students are 100 .no of students who failed in both subjects = total students-students who passed in at least one subjective. 100-85=15
So option (b) is correct

5) A sum of money triples itself at compound interest in3 years. In 9 years it will be
a)6 times the principal                                   b)12 times the principal
c)18 times the principal                 d)27 times the principal
Ans. let the principal be x.

So option (d) is correct.

7) The number which should be subtracted frm 5a2-3ab+7b2  to make it equal to a2+ab+b2 ,is:
a)4a2-4ab+6b2                   b)4a2-4ab+5b2                                   c)4a2+4ab+6b2                   d)4a2-3ab+6b2
e)None of the above
Ans.Option a is correct.

8)Given that the interest is only earned on principal, if an investment of Rs.1000.00 amount to Rs.1440.00 in two years, then what is the rate of interest earned?
a)20%                                    b)22%                                   c)21%                                    d)11%                   e)44%
Ans.  1000(1+r/100)2=1440
So the answer is 20%.

Option (A) is correct.

9)If nC5=nC0, then find the value of n.
a)n=0                                    b)n =1                                   c)n=5                                     d)n=10 
Ans. nC5=nCn-5=nC0
n-5=0 option (c) is correct

10)A bag contains 5 oranges, 4 bananas and 3 apples. Rohit wants to eat a banana or an apple.He draws a fruit from the bag randomly. What is the probability that he will get a fruit of this choice?

a)3.5/12                               b)7/12                                   c)5/12                                   d)None of the above
Ans. total fruits are 12.
Chances  to select banana or apple is: 4+3=7
Probability =7/12

So option (b) is correct.