Wednesday, August 26, 2015

AMCAT Logical ability previous questions and solutions(answers)-8

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71. Kapil travels 30m from a point A towards north and from the same point travels 40m towards east. How far are the two friends from each other now?
A)20m                                   b)10m                                   c)50m                                    d)55m

72. There are 2 questions based on the same data. Answer the questions based on the given information:
Following are the conditions to appoint a Distributor for petroleum gas throughout Delhi.
The applicant should :
Be an Indian by nationality.
Be in the age group of 21-50 years as on 5th September, 2008.
Be minimum matriculate or recognized equivalent.
Be a resident of Delhi for not less than 5 years immediately preceding the date of application.
Have family income of not more than 50,000 annually.
Not have any dealership in any oil company.
Have no close relatives as a dealer/distributor of any oil Company, However.
Restrictions relating to annual income. would not be applicable to persons working in corporations, owned or controlled by State Government, but  the case shall be referred to the Managing Director.
for unemployed graduates, conditions at (6) and (7) maybe walved.
if a person belongs to SC/ST but is  not a resident of Delhi, the case may be referred to the Chairman.
should the given applicant be selected?(The case is presented as on1.2.2009)

Bahadur Singh working in the State Corporation is an Indian by nationality and is 23 years of age. He is a graduate and his annual income is Rs. 60,000 per annum. He has been in Delhi for 7 years. Neither he nor any of his relatives works as a distributor or a dealer in any oil company.
a)Applicant should be selected  b)Applicant should not be selected         c)Insufficient Data
d)The case should be referred to the Managing Director                               e)The case should be referred to the Chairman

73. Cheena, an Indian resident of Mumbai, is a matriculate with family income of Rs.20,000 per annum. Her date of birth is 15.3.85. She does not have any dealership in any oil company nor does she have any close relative as a dealer or a distributor.She is an SC candidate.
a)Applicant should be selected                  b)Applicant should not be selected                         c)insufficient Data
d)The case should be referred to the Managing Director                               e)The case sholud be referred to the Chairman

74. Choose the answer option that arranges the given set of words in the 'most' meaningful order. The words when put in order sholud make logical sense according to size, quality, occurrence of events, value, apperance, nature, process etc.
1.Lion     2.Dog   3.Duck    4.Insect    5.Deer
a)4,2,3,5,1           b)4,2,3,1,5           c)4,3,2,5,1           d)4,3,2,1,5

75. The question consists of a problem quesion followes by two statements l and ll. Find out if the information given in the statement(s) is sufficient in finding the solutin to the problem.
Problem question: How old is Giya?
Giya's age is three times Amit's age plus Bod's age
Bob was of Amit's age fifteen years ago
a)statement l alone is sufficient                  b)statement ll alone is sufficient             c)Both statements put together are sufficient
d)Both the statements even put together are not sufficient        e)Either of the two statements individually is sufficient

76. Problem Question: In an office, a workforce of 66 employees is seated on three different floors. Each floor has different number of employees. How many employees sit on the second floor which is the largest floor and the maximum seating capacity?
One of the floors can seat two employees less than the second floor.
One of the floors accomodates 21 employees.
a)Statement l alone is sufficient for answerring the Problem Question.
b)Statement ll alone is sufficient for answering the Problem Question.
c)Either of the statement is sufficient in answering the problem question.
d)Both statements put together are sufficient in answering the problem question.
e)Both the statements even put together are not sufficient in answering the problem question.

77. If Akshay is the brother of Kiran , Rakesh is the brother of Meena , Kiran is the sister of Meena , then how is Rakesh related to Akash?
a. Father              b. Cousin             c. Brother            d. Uncle

78.          79, 64, 26, 15, …
a. 9                         b.  6                        c. 10                       d. 8

79.          8,8,6,2,…
a. -4                       b. -3                       c. 3                         d. 4

80. Lakshmi is the mother-in-law of Surabhi who is the sister-in-law of DIlip.Rajat is the Father of Raman,the only brother of Dilip.How is Lakshmi related to Dilip?

a. Mother            b. Wife                 c. Aunt                  d. Mother-in-law