Wednesday, August 26, 2015

AMCAT Logical ability previous questions and solutions(answers)-16

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151. From the given choices select the odd one out
a.CEH                    b.PRV                    c.TVY                     d.MOR

152. If ANIMAL is coded as LAMINA ,then BIRD is coded as:
a.CJSE                   b.AHQC                                c.DRIB                   d.DKTF

153. A man has strayed from his path while on his way to the park.He moves 100km towards south,then another 40km towards west.He then travels 70km towards north and reaches the park.What is the distance of the shortest possible route?                  a.50km                 b.40km                 c.60km                  d.30km

154. A baby crawls 12 feet towards east and then 4 feet towards south.He then crawls 9 feet towards west.How far is he from his initial position?
a.2 feet                                b.9 feet                                c.5 feet                 d.16 feet

155. A child has strayed from his path while coming home from the school.He first goes 3 kms towards south from his school and then moves 5 kms towards east .He again moves 3 kms towards north and then goes 2 kms towards west.How far is his school situated from home?
a.3kms                  b.1 km                  c.2 kms                 d.8 kms

156. From the given choices select the odd one out
a.MQ2                  b.RV2                    c.PS3                     d.DM3

157. Find the next number in the series.   10,11,15,24,…..
a.48                        b.32                       c.40                        d.38

158. (i)A,B,C,D and E are five friends in a class. They have their birth dates from January to May , each friend born in one of these months.
(ii)Each one likes one particular item for his/her birthday out of rice, mutton, chicken, burger and pizza.
(iii)The one who likes pizza is born in March.
(iv)C does not like pizza but brings rice for D in April.
(v)E,who is fond of burger, is born in the next month immediately after B.
(vi)B does not like burger or mutton.
What is the choice of C?
a.Pizza                  b.Rice                    c.Mutton                             d.Chicken

159. What is the choice of A?
a.Burger                               b.Pizza                  c.Chicken                             d.Rice

160. What was the month was E born?

a.January                             b.February                          c.March                                d.April