Wednesday, August 26, 2015

AMCAT Logical ability previous questions and solutions(answers)-14

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131. From the given choices select the odd man out.
A)bb c MN          B)dd e OP            C)gg f QP             mm n WX

132. From thegiven choice select odd one out
A)ABIJ                   B)DEHI                  C)MNQR                              D)STWX

133. 7,10,15,22,33,46,63,……..
A)81       B)82       C)72       D)86

a)HGI    b)HIG                    c)IHG                     d)IGH

135. X is the wife of Y is brother of Z. Z is the son of P.How is P related to X?
A)sister                B)Aunt                  C)Father in law                  D)Brothe in Law

136. A lady runs 19 kms towards east and then 24 km towards north. How far is she from her starting  point and in which direction?
A)42  kms north east      B)42 kms east    C)6 kms east      D)30 kms north –east

137. From the given choices select the odd one out.
A)EGK                   B)BEN                   C)CGP                   D)AEU

138. Rules:
A+B means A is grater than B
A-B means A is less than B
A=B mens A is grater then equal to B
A*B means A is not equals to B
A/B means A is equal to B
A)only conclusion I is true            B)only conclusion II is true           C)Neither Conclusion I nor II is True
D)Both conclusions I and II are true

139. From the given anagrams select odd one out
A)ESOR                 B)POLIT                                C)LUFTE               D)STUOL
140. Looking at a picture,X said that the lady in the picture is her father’s mother’s mother- in -law’s only daughter -in -law’s only granddaughter who is the lady in the picture?

A)X herself         B)X’s grandmother          C)X’s mother     D)X’s daughter