Wednesday, August 26, 2015

AMCAT Logical ability previous questions and solutions(answers)-9

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81. The aspect where the film “Bombay “loses out is where every commercial film congenitally goes awry-it was too simplistic to address serious issues and failed to translate real life to reel.
a) The film was successful in spite of its shortcomings    
b) The film’s director aimed at recreating real life on the silver screen
c) The film was too simplistic for the audience’s taste                                     d)None of these

82. Six friends P, Q, R, S, T and U are sitting in two rows, three in each.
T is not at the end of any row.
S is second to the left of U.
R, the neighbor of T, is sitting diagonally opposite to S.
Q is the neighbor of U.
Which of the following pairs are in the same row?
a.       P and Q                                b. R and Q           c. T and S             d. S and Q

83. after interchanging seat with T, who will be the neighbor(s) of Q in the new position?
       a. P and R                     b. S and U            c. Only P               d. Only U

84. Who is facing S?
      a.Q                                   b. P                        c. T                         d. R

85. Which pair is sitting diagonally opposite to each other?
a. P and T             b. P and S            c. P and U            d. U and Q

86. Given signs signify something and on that basis, assume the given statement to be true and find which of the conclusions 1 and 2 is/are definitely true
A+B means A is less than B
A-B means A is greater than B
A=B means A is greater than equal to B
A*B means A is equal to B
A/B means A is not equal to B
2. E-G
a. Only conclusion 1 is true                           b. Only conclusion 2 is true         
c. Neither conclusion 1 nor 2 is true         d. Both conclusions 1 and 2 are true

87. Choose the answer option that arranges the given set of words in the ‘most’ meaningful order. The words when put in order should make logical sense according to size, quality, quantity ,occurrence of events, value, appearance, nature, process, etc.
1.  Infant                              2.  Foetus            3.  Zygote            4. Adult                                5. Teenager
a) 2,3,1,5,4                          b) 3,2,1,5,4          c) 4,5,1,3,2          d)2,1,5,4,3

88. The question consists of a problem question followed by two statements 1 and 2.Find out if the information given in the statement(s) is sufficient in finding the solution to the problem.
Problem Question: What is the area of the given rectangular field?
1.       The perimeter of the field is given
2.       The diagonal of the field is given
a)      Statement 1 alone is sufficient in answering the problem question
b)      Statement 2 alone is sufficient in answering the problem question
c)       Both statements put together are sufficient in answering the problem question
d)      Both the statements even put together are not sufficient in answering the problem question
e)      Either of the statement is sufficient in answering the problem question

89. Rohan is walking towards west. He takes three turns while walking, all at an (internal)  angle of 45 degree towards right, right and left. What direction is he facing now?
A.            North-East          B.            South-East          C.            East                        D.            West

90.          Based on the given passage find out which of the following statements can be inferred from the passage.     "European cars have traditionally been smaller and more fuel-efficient than their giant American cousins, but current policy explicitly stresses eco-friendliness. For example, recent British legislation has linked taxation to CO2 emissions with the lowest tax rate of 15 percent on the list price reserved for cars emitting less than 165 gms/km and rising by one percent for each 5 gm increase in CO2 levels."
A.            The British are unconcerned about the environment and rules have to be imposed upon them for maintenance of a clean environment
B.            The lesser the list price of a car, the greater is its fuel efficiency and so lesser the tax on it
C.            The more fuel efficient a vehicle is, the more eco friendly it will be

D.            Fuel efficiency does not necessarily correlate with eco-friendliness