Wednesday, August 26, 2015

AMCAT Logical ability previous questions and solutions(answers)-7

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61. From the given anagrams select the odd one out.
a)OLIVE                                b)APPLE                                               c)LITCHI                                d)EGG

62. From the given choices select the odd one out.
a)MQ2                                  b)RV2                                                    c)PS3                                     d)DM3
63. The given signs signify something and on that basis, assume the given statements to be true and find which of the two conclusions l and ll is/are definitely true.
P=Q means P is equal to Q
P-Q means P is positive and Q is negative.
P+Q means P or Q is negative
P/Q means P and Q both are negative.
P*Q means P and Q are zerro.
P^Q means P is zero and Q is negative.
10)statements:   B-E, A+(C/D), F*G,M G=A
a)only l is true                    b)only ll is true                                  c)both l and ll are not true                            d)both l and ll are true

64. One morning Megha and Sonam were talking to each other in a park.They were standing face to face. If Sonam's shadow fell exactly to right of Megha, then in which direction was Megha facing?
a)East                                    b)West                                                 c)South                                                                d)North

65. Based on the given passage find out which of the statement can be inferred from the passage.
Excessive amounts of mercury in drinking water, associated with certain types of industrial pollution have been show to cause Hobson's disease. Island L has an economy based entirely on subsistence level agriculture;  modern industry  of any kind is unknown. The inhabitants of island L have unusually high incidence of Hobson's disease.
a)Mercury in drinking water is actually perfectly safe.    
b)Mercury in drinking water must have sources other than industrial pollution
c)Hobson's disease must have causes other than mercury in drinking water
d)Both options(1) and(2)                              e)Both optiond (3) and (2)

66. Email overload has of-late become a great cause of concern in all organizations. We have reached a stage where our email habits control us. We are obsessed with checking our emails every now annd then. We feel bored of working and we glance into our mailbox hoping to have received some "scintillating" mail. Obviously, it also gives us an illusionary impression that we are working. Not missing any mail and replying to each one of them has become a custom. Our addiction to this leads to our ignorance of deadlines, meetings, personal chat with fellow employees. It's a shame that we have inculcated a habit of reading mails but not or taking timely actions   on the mails.
a)Employees find readiing mails to be more intersting than working
b)Replaying to each and every mail is not a good habit
c)Addiction of reading and replaying to every mail may have adverse effect on our performance
d)All mails are sent on the premise that timely action be taken on them

67. There are two lectuters, two singers, one doctor and one engineer in a group of six people-A,B,C,D,E and F.
The doctor C is married to A who is a lecturer.
The engineer is married to B who is of the same profession as that of E.
C,A,B and F are married couples and nobody in the group has the same profession.
E is F's brother .
which of the following is a pair of singers?
a)A and D                            b)B and E                             c)E and F                              d)A and F

68. Which of the following pair is a couple?
a)A and B                             b)B and F                             c)A and F                             d)B and C

69. Which of the foolowing is a pair of lecturers?
a)A and B                             b)A and F                             c)A and D                             d)A and E

70. How is E related to B?
a)Brother                            B)Uncle                                c)Father                               d)None of the above