Wednesday, August 26, 2015

AMCAT Logical ability previous questions and solutions(answers)-18

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171.  B is the only child of A. M and N are the children of B. D is the grandmother of N. How is A related toD?
a. Grandmother                               b. Husband                         c.  Mother                           d.  Son

172. B has a sister A. B is the daughter of C. C’s father is P. How is A related to P?
a. Aunt                 b.  Granddaughter                           c. Niece                                d. Sister

173. The given signs signify something and on that basis , assume the given statements to be true and find which of the two conclusions I and II is/are definitely true
P=Q means P is equal to Q.
P-Q means P is positive and Q is negative.
P+Q means P or Q is negative
P/Q means P and Q both are negative
P*Q means P and Q are zero
P^Q means P  is zero and Q is negative
B- E,A+(C/D),F*G,G=A
a.       Only I is true                       b. Only II is true                                c. Both I and II are not true          d. Both I and II  are true

174. One morning Megha and Sonam were talking to each other in a park. They were standing face to face.  If Sonam’s shadow fell exactly to the right of Megha. Then in which direction was Megha facing?
a. East                   b. West                                c. South                                d. North

175. Capil travels 30 m from a point A towards north and from the same point Sachin travels 40 m towards east. How  far  are the 2 friends from each other now?
a. 20 m                  b. 10m                  c. 50m                   d. 55m

176. Choose the answer option that arranges the given set of words in the most meaning full order. The words when put in order should make logical sense according to size, quality, quantity, occurrence of events, value, appearance, nature, process etc
1. Lion                   2. Dog                   3. Duck                 4. Insect                               5. Deer
a. 4,2,3,5,1                          b. 4,2,3,1,5                          c. 4,3,2,5,1                           d. 4,3,2,1,5

177. The question consists of a problem question followed by two statements I&II. Find out if the information given in the statements is sufficient in finding the solution to the problem.
Problem  question: How old is Giya?
I.                    Giya’s age is 3 times Amith’s  age + Bob’s age
II.                  Bob was of Amith’s age 15 years ago
a.       Statement I alone is sufficient in answering the problem question.
b.      Statement II alone is sufficient in answering the problem question.
c.       Both statements even  put together are sufficient in answering the problem question.
d.      Either of the statements is sufficient in answering the problem question.

e.      Both statements even  put together are not  sufficient in answering the problem question.