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AMCAT Logical ability previous questions and solutions(answers)-4

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31. Based on the given passage find out which of the statement can be inferred from the passage
Sales drives in big organizations many a times fall flat on the face. A research showed that an average buyer remembers only 20% of the things discussed during a sales call. The saddest part is that the sales team doesn’t get choose what those 20% of the things would be. The world today is cluttered with information and thus it is essential that the sales team represents their product/service in the best possible manner. It is like answering question that children ask.  Expect basic and out of context questions and reply to each one of them patiently, in way that the customer understand the intricacies. You can use technical terms to explain your product and its features no doubt, it will be an accurate methodology but certainly not the right one. Simplify your message and see how well your client remembers you and your presentations when you meet him to finally close deal.
a)      A regular buyer would remember more than 20% of the details after a sales meeting.
b)      A customer is as gullible as a child and hence may ask many questions
c)       One should try and minimize the usage of technical terms to explain a product to the customer
d)      If you simplify your message. The customer would remember your entire presentation

32. Passage:
1) Five men P, Q, R, S and T read a newspaper
2) The one who reads first gives it to R
3) The one who reads last has taken it from P
4) T was not the first or last to read
5) There were two readers between Q and P

Who did Q pass the newspaper to?
A.      R     B. T         C. P        D. S

33. Who did the news paper last?
A. Q       B. S         C. Cannot be mentioned              D. None of the above

34. Who read the news paper before S?
A. Q       B. R        C. T         D. P

35. Who read the newspaper first?
A. S        B. Q        C. Data inadequate         D. None of the above

36. Given sign signify something and that basis, assume the given statements to be true and find which of the two conclusions I and II is/are definitely true
A+B means A is Equal to B
A-B means A is less than B
A=B means A is not equal to B
A*B means A is greater than equal to B
A/B means A is less than equal to B

Q+R, R*S, S-T

a) Only conclusion I is true           b) Only conclusion II is true         
c) Neither conclusion I or II is true            d) Both Conclusions I and II are true

37. Following are the criteria for re-allotment of floors by a Society to its residents.
The Resident must
1) Have stayed for at least 5 years in the society out of which at least 3 years should have been spent on floors which end 0 or 5
2) Not have more than 5 members in the family
3) Have given an undertaking to stay there for another 5 years
4) Have served as maintenance for more than one year

In case a resident satisfies all above criteria except (2) and has stayed in the society for more than 5 years , he/she should be referred to the Society-President and be given the floor of his/her choice
In case a resident satisfies all above criteria except (4) he/she is to be referred to the Welfare-Associate and be given either 1st or 3rd floor

Should the given resident be provided with accommodation? (The case is presented as on 31st July, 2012)

Raj has been staying in the society for 6 years and has spent 5 years on the 10th floor. He has 6 members in his family. He is willing to give an undertaking to stay for another 5 years. He also served as a Maintenance Associate for 1.5 Years.
a) Resident would not be given any floor              b) Resident would be given a floor
c) Resident would be referred to the society-president d) Resident would be referred to the welfare-associate
e) Data insufficient

38. Raghav has been staying in the society for 7 years and he has spent 3 years on 5th floor .he has 3 members in his family and has also given an undertaking form to stay for another 5 years. He has served as maintenance Associate for 5 months
a)Resident would not be given any floor               b) Resident would be given any floor
c) Resident would be given a floor of his choice  d) Resident would be given either 1st or 3rd floor
e) Data insufficient

39. Choose the answer option that arranges the given set of words in the ‘most’ meaningful order. The words put in order in the most meaningful order. The words when put in order should make logical sense according to size ,quality ,quantity, occurrence of events, value, appearance , nature, process etc..
1. Country           2. Furniture        3. Forest              4. Wood               5. Trees
A. 1,3,5,4,2          B. 1,4,3,2,5          C. 2,4,3,1,5          D. 5,2,3,1,4
40. The question consists of a problem question followed by two statements I and II. Find out if the information given in statement(s) is sufficient in finding solution to the problem
Problem question: Find P, Q, R
I) P, Q, R are three consecutive integers
II) The average of P,Q and R is 34

a) Statement I alone is sufficient   b) Statement II alone is sufficient

c) Both statements put together are sufficient   d) Both the statements put together are not sufficient