Wednesday, August 26, 2015

AMCAT Logical ability previous questions and solutions(answers)-10

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91. Based on the given passage find out which of the following statements can be inferred from the passage.
According to  a recent study, in the local municipal elections, the candidate who interacts more with the Resident’s Welfare                Associations and wins their trust will get the maximum name recognition name in the elections.
1. local resident’s welfare associations are the most important factor in elections in the city
2. Maximum name recognition will help a candidate will help a candidate win a higher percentage of votes cast during the election
3. Resident’s welfare associations exert a a lot of influence over the voting population residing in the city.
4. For maximum name recognition a candidate need not spend a lot of money on posters, banners and advertising campaigns.

92. Find the missing term in the series.      9, 3, 18, 6, 36, 12,  …    
a. 24                       b. 48                      c. 60       d. 72

93. Given signs signify something and on that basis, assume the given statements to be true and which of the conclusions I and II is/are definitely true.
“#” denotes “greater than”
“/” denotes “equal to”
“&” denotes “not equal to”
“+” denotes “lesser than”
“%” denotes “a little more than”
“^” denotes “a little less than”
If A#B and B%C, then
a.       A+C                        b.  C+A                  c. C%A                  d. Data is not sufficient to answer

94. From the given anagrams select the odd one out
a. CABBAGES     b. CARROTS        c. DATES               d. CHERRIES

95. Mannat drives his truck from point 1 and takes it 20 km North, from where he turns right and drives 30 km. Then he turns right again and drives for another 20 km and reaches point 2. In what direction did he drive once he took the second turn?
a. North               b. South               c. East   d. West

96. Based on the given passage find out which of the following statements can be inferred from the passage.
Social scientists have found that people who marry young are seldom prepared for marital roles. Also the men and women who marry as young adults live longer than those who never marry. According to a study, young adults who are about to get married have fewer unhealthy habits, like smoking and uncontrolled drinking of alcohol, as compared with the other people of the same age.
A.      The institution of marriage forces young men and women to quit smoking and drinking.
b.      Those who marry at an older age live a shorter life than who get married at a younger age.
c.       People who marry at an older age are well prepared to take up marital roles.
d.      Young adults who are not about to marry are more likely to have unhealthy habits than those who are about to marry.

97. There are five friends.
They are standing in a row facing south
Sarala is to the immediate right of Swathi.
Sanju is standing between Sita and Megha.
Megha is standing between Sarala and Sanju.
Answer the following questions based on the given information.
Who is at the extreme right end?
a.       Sita         b. Swati                               c. Megha             d. Data inadequate

98. Who is in the middle?
a. Sarala               b. Sita                    c. Megha             d. Sanju

99. Who is sitting fourth from the right end?
a. Sanju                                b. Sita                    c. Sarala                d. Swati

100. Who is to the left of Megha?

a. Sanju                                b. Sarala               c. Swati                 d. None of the above