Tuesday, August 25, 2015


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91. Choose the correct answer?
Question:  Consider the given declarations
Integer (*arr1)[10]
Integer *arr2[10]
Which of the following statements is true regarding the above?
A.      Arr1 is pointer to an array of integers                                             B. Arr2 is array of integer pointers
C.    Arr1 and arr2 both are pointers to array of integers                 D. Arr1 and arr2 are arrays of integer pointers
E.    Arr1 is array of integer pointers                                                    F. Arr2 is pointer to an array of integers

92. Himanshu wants to write a program to print the larger of the two inputted number. He writes the
Following code:

Int number1, number2
Input number1, number2
If(??)  //statement 1
Print number1
Print number2
End if
Fill in the?? in statement 1. Choose the correct answer
A.      Number1 > number2      B. Number2 > number1     C. Number2 equals number1     D. Number1 <= number2

93. A derived class may inherit from the base which of the following?  (Consider assumptions as in c++) Choose the correct answer?
A. Data members                                                                             B. Member functions  
C. Constructions and destructors                                              D. Both data members and member functions.

94. Stuti is making a questionnaire of True-false questions. She wants to define a data-type which stores the response of the candidate for the question. What is the most-suited data type for this purpose?  Choose the correct answer
A. Integer                         B. Boolean                            C. Float                                 D. Character

95. Which of the following options is responsible for taking files and objects from different locations and combining them for execution?
A. Linker                              B. Loader                             C. Interconnecting compiler         D. Interpreter

96. Shristi writes the code for a function that computes the factorial of the inputted number n.
function factorial (n)
if (n equals 1)
return 1
Fill in the missing statement. Choose the correct answer?
A.      Return factorial(n-1)          B. Return n*factorial(n)                 C. return n*(n-1)              D. return n*factorial(n-1)

97. A sort, which uses the binary tree concept such that any number in the Tree is larger than all the numbers in the sub tree below it is called Choose the correct answer
A. Selection sort               B. Insertion sort                                C. Heap sort                       D. Quick sort

98. Shashi wants to make a program to print the sum of first 10 multiples of 5. She writes the following program, where statement 5 is missing;
Integer i=0
Integer sum=0
while(i<=50) {
Print sum
Which of the following options will you use for statement 5? Choose the correct answer
A. l=5                     B. I=5*I                 C. I=i+1                 D. I=i+5

99. In which area of a class are data and function directly accessible outside the class?  Choose the correct answer
A. Public                   B. Private               C. Protected            D. None of these

100. Every element of a data structure has an address and a key associated with it. A search mechanism deals eith teo or more values assigned to the same address y using the key. What is the search mechanism?

A. Linear search               B. Binary search                 C. Hash coded search           D. None of these