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51. How many pointers will have to be changed when a new node is to be added in a linear linked list in the middle?
A.  0                       B. 1                         C. 2                         D.  All the pointers will be changed

Ans B

52. A variable cannot be used? Choose the correct answer
A. Before it is declared          B. After it is declared          C. In the function it is declared in         D. Can always be used

Ans A

53. In which area of a class are data and function directly accessible outside the class? Choose the correct answer
A. Public               B. Private             C. Protected       D. None

Ans A

54. Which of the following options is true regarding inheritance in Object Oriented  Programming ? Choose the correct answer?
A. There is reduced interaction with the hardware
B. A class may are may not have any object
C. Two are more functions can have the same name and number and type of arguments in a program
D. Class- object relation can be changed at run time
E. All of the above

Ans E

55. A sort , which uses the binary tree concepts such that any number in the tree is a larger than all the numbers in the sub tree below it, is  called? Choose the correct answer?
A. Selection sort               B. Insertion sort                C. Heap sort                       D. Quick sort

Ans. C

56. Every element of a data structure has an address and a key associated with it. A search mechanism deals with two or more values assigned to the same address by using the key. What is this search mechanism?
A. Linear search  B. Selection search   C. Hash coded search   D. Binary search   E. None of this

Ans. C

57. A complete binary tree with five levels has how many nodes? (root is level 1) Choose the correct answer?
A. 15                                      B. 25                                      C. 63                                      D. 31

Ans C

58. Which of the following abstract data types can be used to represent many – to- many relations? Choose the correct answer?
A. Tree                                 B.  Stack                               C. Graph                              D. Queue

Ans A

59. Pragya sells footballs. She has a large container to store footballs which is closed from below. Footballs are piled one on top of the other in the box. When new balls are supplied, Pragya puts the balls in the box from the top. When a customer buys a ball, she delivers the ball at the top of the pile to the customer. Each ball has a code.  She wants to store the ball codes in the data structure to keep track of her inventory. What data structure should she use? Choose the correct answer?
A. Queue                             B. Stack                                C. Array                                D. Graph

Ans B

60. The algorithm design technique used in quick sort algorithm is ? Choose the correct answer
A.      Dynamic programming                  B. Back tracking                 C. Divide and  conquer                   D. Greedy search

Ans. C

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