Tuesday, June 30, 2015

OpenText student interview experience

OpenText student interview experience

As per my interview expirience,
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1.The company was really good.It was extra-ordinary in its infrastructures and the people were very good at their hospitalities.The interviewer himself took each of their respective interviewee to the cabins.The interviewer was friendly in nature and interviewed in a smooth way that the interviewee do not get tense.He finally gave me suggestion what are the particulars seen by them while commencing an interview.On the whole,being a foreign company it showed its unique style from the rest.

2.I was in the panel for 30-35min
      the foremost question asked to me was Tell  me about yourself.
      the next question was Being a non-CSE student why i have opted to move into IT industry.
      later i was asked to give Difference between java and C.
      he asked whether  the exe.c file without having source code can be runned in another  OS  or not.
      he also asked me to give a simple program and explain from where the execution starts in C,i wrote a program on prime numbers.
      the various programs asked to me includes:1.reverse of number
    2. seggragating set of similar colours of balls from given set of different balls placed in a tray
    3. print the middle letter in a string if the string is odd else if the string is even we need to print middle two letters
    4. to calculate total fare for given distance(in km) :for 1-5=rs.0 pkm
                                                                                         6-15=rs.10 pkm
                                                                                         16-50=rs.20 pkm
                                                                                         51 & above=rs.30 pkm
    5.prime numbers for given lower and upper bounds

     finally he gave me an opportunity if i have any questions for  the interviewer
2015 & 2016 Batch Freshers Registration Link.